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Our unique approach to each customer engagement, which includes Staff Augmentation, Expert Guidance, and Solutions Design, ensures that our consultants provide immediate and long-term value to our customers.”

-Staff Augmentation: Ensuring that we provide the right people for the right roles

-Expert Guidance: Provide SME to identify opportunities to enhance use of existing technologies without large capital investments

-Solutions Design: Work with our customers to build and develop functionality to existing platforms to maximize organizational and operational impact

– Capacity Planning During Normal Times

– Scaling and Capacity Planning During Peak Demand for New Installations and Epic Talent

– Unexpected Demand Spike: When there is a Large Wave of New Practices to have Epic Installed

– Lead-time for Leasing and Procurement

– SERJ’s Flex Team is able to provide scale?up and scale-down capabilities so organizations only pay for when the team is used.